Activities and projects of Forum for Life are built on three fundamental pillars:


  • we provide information about human dignity, education of young generation to the respect for life from the moment of conception until natural death, prenatal development of the child – the right to life from conception, dangers for human life, the reality of abortion, on the natural family planning methods, relationships based on true love, responsibility and respect for human dignity
  • coordination of a national campaign 25th MarchDay of the Conceived Child 
    • We want to use to spread respect to every conceived and still unborn child. March 25th celebrates sympathizers of the day of the conceived child, and various activities are being carried out around this date pointing to the need to protect human life from conception. The symbolic expression of these attitudes is the white ribbon that we attach to clothing at this time.

  • organization of a national project – Candle for Unborn Children 
    • This project is running throughout the month of October and culminates on the 2nd November, All Souls Day. In the evening of this day, we put a burning candle in the windows of our homes, and thus to express our attitude to life. The project is also associated with a collection in which it is possible to obtain the original Candle for unborn children for a voluntary contribution.

  • organization of lectures and debates associated with the handling of pro-life questions in the society, education to natural values, questions regarding partnership and prevention of artificial abortions, surrogate motherhood, artificial fertilization, euthanasia, gender ideology etc


  • we raise our voice for the protection of those who can not defend themselves, mainly the unborn children, emarginated and handicapped people
  • we strive to promote and support legislation that respects the dignity of every human being from conception to natural death, and marriage and family as the basic cell of society
  • we comment on important documents concerning the above areas
  • we are active members of government and non-government bodies and institutions and we participate in the decision-making about the direction of our society in the area of preservation of natural values


  • We offer a practical solution to difficult life situations of pregnant women and mothers with children in need, we help the victims of domestic violence, people in existential crisis, sick, handicapped people, seniors and all those who are in need of some kind of help
  • Our portfolio in this regard consists of the following projects: 

Let’s save lives (national coverage) – concrete financial and material help to pregnant women and mothers with children in critical situations. It is a system of regular monthly financial aid designated to save the life of a conceived child and to help his/her mother. The system is based on a provision of a monthly financial contribution to help a pregnant woman in an extreme situation, disconcerted by unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The aim is to save the unborn child, to help the mother avoid an artificial abortion and protect her from its consequences. Women, who underwent an abortion, are likely to suffer from the post-abortion syndrome during their whole lives. Thus, the donor of the project „Let’s save lives“ saves two lives by his contribution – the life of the conceived child who gets a chance to be born and the life of his/her mother who would suffer both physically and emotionally after the abortion. The donor system works on a basis of “adoption” of a pregnant woman and her conceived child. Organisation offering practical help to women in a form of accommodation, provision of meals, and social and health services package.
+421 911 756 026

Alexis Counseling (national coverage) – counseling services in the area of medicine, psychology, law, social services and spiritual sphere, within which the professionals help solve the situations crisis concerning mainly the problems of unexpected pregnancy, post-abortion syndrome, family and partnership difficulties.
+421 911 350 200, +421 917 350 200

Femina Counselling (local coverage in the region of Levice with the highest abortion rare within Slovakia) – information center focusing on providing information and counseling in the cases of unexpected pregnancy, partnership and family crisis.
+421 903 983 983

Yes for Life is a non-profit organization provides accommodation and expert advice for women in need and mothers with children.

Forum for life is a founder of pro-life gynecological ambulances:

Gianna n.o. in Zilina and
Terezka n.o. in Poprad