Our team

We are working since 2003!

Marcela Dobešová is the chairwoman of Forum for Life. She perceives the right to life and the right to personal freedom as a key issue of a liberal society without social responsibility. Therefore, almost all of her active life she tries to help those who need it because a life serving others is always a life worth living.

Renáta Gomoláková is a director of the organisation and she is helpful in its operation to the satisfaction of all concerned. She spent most of her professional life in management.

Helena Kozáková is in charge of the administration. She has been working in Forum for Life for the past seven years, one year as a volunteer. The task of her work is to provide administrative, organizational and material work in accordance with the activity of the association and its members.

Magdaléna Veselská is a financial manager and management advisor. She has been working in this field for a very long time and is mainly engaged in education and counselling for non-profit and church organizations. In the Forum for Life, she seeks to help and support all workers and volunteers in meeting the organization’s mission and vision.

Mária Piatriková is a coordinator for education and training. Having a dialogue and offering an alternative, is what she sees in a plural society as necessary and meaningful.

Stanislav Piatrik is a documentary and graphic designer. For Forum for Life, he has helped many times as a volunteer, from which he developed a more specific direction. As an artist he is involved in several projects, he deals with the relationship between religion and art in today’s world.

ria Raučinová is the coordinator of the Department for Human Rights and Bioethics. From the former editor of the Catholic Newspaper, she became a female dignitary guardian. She is responsible for the magazine Forum for Life and the leadership of bioethical counselling, where she can pursue her pharmaceutical and moral-theological education.

Mária Demeterová is head of the Special Assistance department, the Let’s “Safe Lives project”. “Let’s save lives” . She has been helping women, mothers who, despite their difficult social situation, have decided to bring their child to the world.

Danka Jacečková is PR and media manager. She thinks that her work for Forum for Life as a chance to help good things.

Anna Siekelová is campaign and regional center coordinator.

Lívia Halkman is a Graphic and project coordinator of “Pressure cooker”.

Alžbeta Dobešová is a volunteer coordinator and is responsible for international relations.